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Poem a Day: Karen McCosker; Nicholas Albery

Poem a Day is a collection of poems put together by Karen McCosker and Nicholas Albery.  I highly recommend it for any aspiring poet as a way to bring poetry into every day.  The collection is diverse, giving the reader examples of many types of poems, and consequently many new ideas on what can be done with poetry.  Their method of connecting poems to dates, usually because the poet was born or died on that day, helps keep too many similar poems from following one right after the other, and thus keeps it more interesting.

The opening and closing poems are very apt, January 1st has “New Every Morning” by Susan Coolidge, which sets a hopeful and uplifting tone to the tomb.  Meanwhile, “Auld Lang Syne” by Robert Burns is a classic for December 31st, and a reminder of how poetry has seeped into daily life, through songs, while poetry can also celebrate daily life.  “Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy was perfect for February 14th, and had a nice image of giving your love an onion.

The anthology has a broad spectrum of poems, ranging from the political “First They came for the Jews” by Pastor Neimoller, to several Shakespearean sonnets, to “The Tyger” by William Blake.  The diversity in subject matter and style helps showcase the whole world of poetry.  This truly is the perfect book to add a little poetry to daily life.