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Frederick Seidel- Ooga Booga

I stumbled into the mansion one afternoon determined to find three volumes of poetry that I at least liked. Once I got into the lending library, however, I realized that I had no idea where to start. Enlisting the help of Professor Rafferty to find poetry for non-poets, we came up with a small stack. One book, an uncorrected proof of Frederick Seidel’s “Ooga Booga” caught my eye. There was a poem called “Bologna” and each of the page numbers in the Table of Contents was listed as “00.” I can appreciate some weirdness.

Seidel is accessible and doesn’t shy away from writing about modern elements of life that some poets shy away from like e-mail. In his metapoem “Bologna,” he seems to express some of the same frustration that I’ve been feeling about poetry. As he says “I find the poetry I write incomprehensible, But at least I understand it.” I think that he’s a refreshing change from the serious, dark and often bleak poetry that I found in the other volumes I pulled from the library. It may not be extraordinarily elevated or challenging but it was certainly an enjoyable read.

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